Handmade in Italy to get you through life throughout the world..


LaBelle footwear: quality, craftsmanship, craftsmanship research, creativity…. In one word ITALIANITY.

This is how an ancient craft, despite the continuous stylistic evolution, has become an art form. Shapes, structures, processes, techniques that arise not only from experience and an innate attitude to elegance, but a true culture of the shoe.

Handmade in Italy with Passion.



For over twenty-five years we have been creating with dedication unique products that testify to the world of Italian manufacturing excellence, proudly from the Marche region.

We transform the best materials with wisdom and respect, we refine traditional techniques and create new ones to meet customer expectations with creativity, innovation and continuous research.
The various processing phases are carried out internally at the MpM Shoe Factory such as the cutting of the leathers, the joining of the uppers, the assembly, the assembly and the finishing.
For particular processes we only use local partners who respect the ethical and moral values ​​of the company.

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