With an atypical history, marked by superior craftmanship and experimentation, Free Lance dances with the idea of ostentation, but never skips a step.
The brand creates shoes that expresses the downplayed self-confidence and audacity that resides within the women who wear them.
The Rose : Free Lance’s signature.
The emblem of the Free Lance label since its inception, the rose symbolizes femininity, sensuality, and modernity.
Some Free Lance shoes proudly flaunt their rose signature for all to see, while others wear it more discreetly under the sole.


The Free Lance style For Free Lance, shoes are imbued by their creator with vision and style.
This vision transcends fashion and pays little heed to convention.
The Free Lance shoe is not any accessory but a critical one, which expresses the personality of the woman wearing it—a true signature, an inimitable look.
The sole that is the same colour as the shoe, the daring research into new materials, the iconic pink, all of which produces a unique style.

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