EMANO (verb) I flow out: arise, or emanate (from): I become known. 

EMANO designs, the best white Tee shirts available in the luxury retail space. 
Motivated by the absence of high- quality, well-cut and indispensable, classic white T-shirts,
EMANO is focussed on fabrication, design  and sustainability. Designed for couture, while inherently,
sensible, our Tee shirts, promise reliability, while exuding confidence, refinement
and personality.
The name EMANO, was born from a thought experiment centred around the idea of
reverence towards the classic white T’s history. Once known as a heroic badge of patriotism,
turned iconographic of mid- 20th century Cinema, t-shirting, then again morphed into a
canvas for political statements and timeless slogans. EMANO, situates itself in the
present, where  fashion is so individualized and expressive, emanating the past,
present and future
Spelled out in their brand-name, is for the wearer to “become known” for their individual style, with their
Tee serving as an anchor for your journey in fashion. 
And, at the core, EMANOs self-fulfilling prophecy is to arise, and “become known” as
the best classic white Tee available on the market.
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